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FAQ: Is it possible to be “too Christian?”

I think this is a fascinating question. And I will answer it on 2 levels. I love it. Is it possible to take this Jesus stuff too seriously?

Well, normally I’d say the people who are asking that question are people who want you to do the wrong thing. I mean, the quarterback from the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson – I’ll use him as an example. He has said publicly that he plans to remain celibate until he gets married. And the sportscasters? They thought that was hilarious! You are taking that Jesus stuff way too seriously!

Simply put, Jesus is clear that following Him – being his apprentice means doing everything he said to do.  That we intend to live our lives in a way that honors God. But why? Because we don’t want the infractions? No that’s legalism. Instead we want to obey because we believe Jesus knows the best way to live life. And we trust he knows what he is talking about.

So the short answer is no – you can’t take your faith too seriously. But – if you are asking whether one can be obnoxious christian? Can one be an overbearing, arrogant, know-it-all, graceless “christian”?

Oh yeah! Every one of us has met one of those!

And I would say that yes, there are far too many examples of people who claim Christ, but who are actually harsh/judgmental blowhards. Which is probably – if we are honoest – another top reason people are sceptical about Christianity. The proof is in the pudding, right?

Fair enough.

But don’t blame Jesus. Jesus said we would be known by our love. That we would be humble servants. Jesus said, You can know a tree by it’s fruit. And if the fruit is unkindness, judmentalism, harshness, belligerence? That fruit is not coming from faith in Jesus. That is the fruit of a religious pro

One of the reasons that we are growing as a church, by the way, is that I think you all get that. You get that following Christ changes you from the inside and causes you to become a person who Displays Grace – who Does Good – who depends on God and who rightly declares the Good News.

It is not only possible, but right, to be fully devoted to Christ – and the world is actually pretty desperate to see what those types of people look like!


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