Building Update:  Sept 2020


 In an effort to begin building as soon as possible, we are planning to “phase” the building into two phases. The design change, noted above, temporarily replaces the office space with classroom space. As well, some room from the lobby will be repurposed in order to accommodate more classrooms.

These changes reduce the price of the building by a million dollars, making the building more affordable and more easily financed.
Our goal is to try to begin building sometime in the spring, should finances allow it. We are grateful for your generous support of Journey Church, and ask that you keep up the great work. Every dollar donated is a dollar less we need to finance.


We are currently seeking financing the will allow us to stay on target for a start date in the spring of 2021.   We believe that it will take 12 months to finish the job, meaning we could potentially be in the building by spring of 2022.