Building Update:  Dec 2019


After further consultation with our architect, we’ve revised the initial plan.  We really like it and hope you do too!   Of course, these plans could change slightly, but overall we believe we’ve landed on the best option for our building.  We believe we’ve improved the flow and security for the children’s area, and we also like the large open lobby area as well.  


We are on target to begin building sometime in the spring of 2021.  That’s only 16 months from today!   We believe that it will take 12 months to finish the job, meaning we could potentially be in the building by spring of 2022.  


Journey Church pledged in April of this year to contribute $100,000 a month for the ministry, missions and future building of Journey Church.  Since then we’ve seen an average of a little more than $92,000 a month.  We’ve been able to put more than $300,000 of your giving towards the building over the past 8 months.  As well, we’re on track this year to give away more than $120,000 to missions over seas as well as locally.  Thank you for your support of Journey Church.