12792192_10153204340121353_5183421310424670327_oMiddle School students are on the verge of becoming adults and this class is intended to help them discover and own their faith at a deeper level. The goal is that by the end of the class our students will have affirmed their faith and feel better prepared to take ownership of it as they begin their journey toward adulthood.

Each week’s course materials will be published here. If your son or daughter is unable to join us in class you can download the course outline and go through it with them at your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Albano at ryan@journeychurchne.org

Schedule & Course Materials

How to Read and Understand the Bible

Psalm 23

This video is a great complimentary resource to our discussion on Pain & Suffering.

The Gospel / Sharing your faith / The Sacraments

The Lord’s Prayer

March 13: Baptism Service – Students are invited, but not expected, to be baptized

April 10: Graduation Service