We partner with Spence Counseling Center because they are dedicated to helping hurting people find the strength, knowledge, and skills to break the patterns in their lives that damage relationships and cause emotional pain. Their therapists work diligently to help individuals discover these patterns and implement change. They strive to empower each person to learn the life skills that strengthen and enable them to maintain those changes.

Through our partnership with Spence Counseling we are able to offer counseling to you for just $25 an hour. Spence specializes in the following areas:

Marriage & Family

Premarital Counseling

Depression & Anxiety


Gambling Addiction*

Drug & Alcohol Abuse


Anger Management

Domestic Violence



If you would like to receive the discounted rate, please contact us for a referral.

*Gambling counseling is paid for by the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program.


Spence Counseling

12035 Q St, Omaha, NE 68137

402-991-0611 www.spencecounselingcenter.com

Gambling Hotline


Spence Counseling Emergency