Vision Sunday:

Why do we exist as a Church?         

Why do we need a building?

How much land do we need?

Here’s the computation

Building          (40K square foot = about one acre)

the entire building is based on how many can sit in the auditorium.

If we say 400 (we set up for three hundred currently)

That means about 200 kids

That means a church of about 1200.  (We are currently about 500)

We love this size church because we think it’s the optimal size church – the biggest a church can get with the fewest staff member.

I worked at CCC and they had twice this but it required 60 staff people.

We think we can pull this off with ten.  the fewest staff people

+Parking Spot (350 Spots = 4 acres of land)

+Landscape, greenspaces and Easements             (25 percent of land = 2 acres )

+Future growth? (Well, that gives us less than 2 acres left)

What are we trying to accomplish?


Where is the land?

Why this spot?   

Future projections – where the homes are going to be – and where the center of town

We like the height

We like the price which is being discounted to us for 20% less than going rate

We like that the price will include being graded to specs.


When will the land be ready to build on?

We will not even be able to close on it until sometime in 2019.

Earliest would be Fall of 2019.

What will the building look like? 

Interesting facts.

If we can seat 600 people.  Why?  Because 450 will feel full.

450 – then we have in the building about 700.

Parking lot one car for every 2.2 people.  = 318 parking spots.  Minimum.  We would probably make room for 360 cars.

How much do we have?  Rounding up to 775k.

What if we don’t have all the money?  We will borrow it.

What’s our stance on borrowing money as a church?

We will have to borrow money.  And our feeling is that we are going to leave some of the lifting to people who come in later.  Most ‘experts’ say that a church like ours will double within a couple of years after opening a new church building.  Okay.  Well we want to leave some of the expenses there for them too.  We think that’s fair, and it also enables us to move forward with our plan.

We will probably need to raise about 20% of the building before we can build it, and we don’t know what that means.  But probably the same amount again.  another 1.6 before we can build it.

Where is this money coming from?  God through generous people, like you.  And every dollar matters.

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