Men of Integrity is a ministry hosted by Christ Community Church in Omaha that helps men deal with sexual brokenness. Men of Integrity brings men together in a safe, confidential and honest environment where they can address their deep-seated lust issues.

Men of Integrity is an open group that meets every Tuesday from 7 – 9 PM in "The Porch at Old Mill" (the building next to Christ Community Church). New arrivals are welcome any week.

There are five primary pillars that Men of Integrity uses to help men heal:

Safety: Give men a safe place where they are loved and accepted for who they are.


Healing: Help men connect with God in the midst of their struggle.


Honesty: Help men live an honest and authentic lifestyle.


Education: Expose men to different aspects of recovery and give them immediate tools to start addressing their addiction.


Accountability: To keep men accountable and give them hope for purity.

Hosted By:

Christ Community Church

Leader: Marc Montanye

Old Mill Campus